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Jan 7, 2013 12:00am PST
, and that is that they've now lost two national elections, okay. and that hurts. i'm sure it hurts. they need to find a new way back to the middle of this country, okay. now, there's an active debate happening within the republican party right now between, "perhaps our problem is that we weren't pure enough," okay -- i mean, we hear those voices on the right who were saying, you know, mitt romney was really just a liberal in disguise, that we didn't make a stark enough choice, and that what we need is purification, we need to become true, you know, even take this party farther to the right versus those that are in the middle that are saying there is no pathway to political success unless you can reach this new america that is quickly emerging. hispanics, minorities, young people, women who voted in record numbers not just in 2008 but in 2012. and if we ever want to be able to succeed at the national level again we have to find a way to appeal back to these new voters who are not responding to these far right messages, okay. so there's enormous political opportunity. we'll see where the republican par
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
to run him for president, "i will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected." that was the sherman like statement you issued. >> that's, well, i'm not quite up to sherman's standards and i don't think i'm quite ready to lay waste to georgia either. but a good, good man i admire actually. >> but the grassroots campaign in your behalf, unofficial, was serious. i mean, over 235,000 people signed on. you broke their hearts. any regrets? >> no, because i probably have more influence than i, doing what i do now than i would if i were inside trying to, you know, do the court power games that come with any white house, even the best, which i don't think i'd be any good at. so no, this is fine. and what the president needs right now is he needs a hardnosed negotiator. and rumor has it that's what he's got, so. >> in jack lew? >> that's right. the president can't pass major new legislation. he can't formulate major new programs right now. what he has to do now is bargain down or ride over these crazy people in the republican party. and we what we need now is not deep t
Jan 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
for elective replacement surgeries. the fight for clear-wire is on. clear-wire is a wireless broadband technology company. sprint owns half of the company and has offered to buy the rest, but dish network topped sprint's offer, as dish continues moving toward offering its own nationwide mobile phone service. the dish offer would give clearwire shareholders $3.30 per share. that trumps sprint's last offer of $2.97 per share. remember, sprint owns about half of clearwire already, so in order for dish to be successful sprint would have to reject its own offer. clearwire stock meantime closed right between the competing offers. after rising 7.2% today, it finished at $3.13. volume was three times average. meantime, dish network stock rose 2.5%, closing about one dollar below a new 52 week high. but sprint fell 1.5% on heavier volume. its a different kind of fight at nutritional supplement marketing firm herb-a-life. first, dow jones reports the company is the target of a securities and exchange commission inquiry. that comes a day before tomorrow's investor meeting where the company is exp
Jan 12, 2013 12:00am PST
election. elizabeth warren wins big in massachusetts. fields: yes, i know, i know, yeah. tavis: debbie stabenow holds onto her seat in michigan and claire mccaskill beats back these crazy comments in missouri to hold onto her seat and there are other stories i could talk about. >> and then there's some women who might not have a vote i have actually voted for, nebraska being one of them. tavis: precisely. i take that. i raise that only because not just early in the political realm, but i looked at the kinds of work you've done, the kinds of issues that you've worked on, and obviously all these issues are linked to politics at some point. give me some sense about why you have chosen those kinds of issues to be the work that you do when you're not acting. >> again, it's such a i'll try to make it a shorter story, but it's a long story. all of these characters that i've done throughout my life have changed me and awakened me and certainly "norma rae" began to change me in a very big way, also the fact that marty ritt came into my life and made me more aware of what the world really was.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)